– Hamster Time!

If you have a product people love, but still 60% of the population never heard of you, call up some hamsters to knock your socks off.

Yet another client who called up on me to help them create a media-neutral long-term creative concept for all their brand communication.

It took only the first 4 airings on TV, to bring 1,000 new unique visitors to the website; +300% vs. usual averages. But sales, that’s what we care about, too, right? Revenue share for new visitors vs. returning ones went up to 23% (compared to 15% before the campaign).

Since people loved the hamsters and the song, we scrambled to quickly create more content they were asking for, like a 3 minutes long video. 50,000 people watched it in the first week, already.

But customer also joined in the creation. Making their own 10 hour video loop and other YouTube versions generating 100+k views in 10 days.

Then, there were 350k+ views of TikTok videos in response to our #dedoleschallenge followed up the same on Instagram.

To quote the client, three weeks into the campaign, “I’m worried we’ll sell out everything we’ve produced.”

Agency: Somebody&Somebody
Year: 2020

If it works, keep doing it.

The hamsters were back only 3 months later in the second campaign for Dedoles. This time we set out to see whether an ad campaign can break the law of summer being a slow season in socks sales.

Agency: Somebody&Somebody
Year: 2020