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Gambrinus Beer – Get Some Sense

Bring Gambrinus’ brand platform to Slovakia in their first local campaign in the longest time.

Poking fun at some of the dumber behaviors that modern beer drinker’s life brings along is what the popular Czech brand Gambrinus is all about.

So for their summer campaign launched in the neighboring Slovakian market, we came up with a couple entertaining scenarios where the brand’s Patron character could make an appearance and stare down guys who forgot to keep it simple, stupid.

Agency: McCann Prague
Year: 2018

Under Armour X Zalando – #LetsGoBAM

Introducing Under Armour to European women with Zalando

Outside the ad world Under Armour isn’t a well known brand in Europe. Especially among female athletes it still lacks proper brand name recognition. Which is why UA tapped Zalando’s in-house agency to translate the American brand’s highly competitive DNA into a campaign that would appeal to rather inclusively minded European women.

The result is #LetsGoBAM celebrating any and all athletic achievements in a raw, authentic style with a fresh doze of attitude.

Agency: Zalando In-House Agency
Year: 2018

PSA – Dog Owners & Super-villains

do portfolia obrazokDog lovers in Prague are lazy, not supervillains. Nobody wants to be a super-villain. So we used this insight to point out that not picking up after their dogs is actually something a supervillain would do, too. Along other things, like attempting to kill Batman, or building a Death Star (or everything ever Stalin or the current manners-lacking Czech president Milos Zeman).

Agency: NONE (personal project)
Year: 2015 – Job Interview Fails

In a series of funny radio ads we showed ridiculous fails of candidates in job interviews, some fictional, others adapted from real HR manager’s horror stories.Why? Because our client was a challenger on the market of job portals. So while the market leader was positioned as the place where you find a job opening, we positioned as the place that helps you not just find a job, but also get the job by nailing the interview, unlike the characters in our radio ads.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Slovakia
Year: 2011

MUW;Digital – Stars of the Internet

MUW;Digital New Year 2013

Being an online agency, MUW;Digital wanted to make a relevant new year’s wish at the end of 2012:
“Shall all the stars of the internet stand by you”
So we edited together various massively popular Slovakian viral videos to create a star-filled new year’s wish.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Slovakia
Year: 2012

Istropolitana D’Arcy – Strong Storytelling


Print ad for “the storytelling agency”, as we were known at the time

Once you have a strong story, people will fall for you.

Agency: Ogilvy Slovakia
Year: 2008