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Under Armour X Zalando – #LetsGoBAM

Introducing Under Armour to European women with Zalando

Outside the ad world Under Armour isn’t a well known brand in Europe. Especially among female athletes it still lacks proper brand name recognition. Which is why UA tapped Zalando’s in-house agency to translate the American brand’s highly competitive DNA into a campaign that would appeal to rather inclusively minded European women.

The result is #LetsGoBAM celebrating any and all athletic achievements in a raw, authentic style with a fresh doze of attitude.

Agency: Zalando In-House Agency
Year: 2018

PSA – Dog Owners & Super-villains

do portfolia obrazokDog lovers in Prague are lazy, not supervillains. Nobody wants to be a super-villain. So we used this insight to point out that not picking up after their dogs is actually something a supervillain would do, too. Along other things, like attempting to kill Batman, or building a Death Star (or everything ever Stalin or the current manners-lacking Czech president Milos Zeman).

Agency: NONE (personal project)
Year: 2015 – Job Interview Fails

In a series of funny radio ads we showed ridiculous fails of candidates in job interviews, some fictional, others adapted from real HR manager’s horror stories.Why? Because our client was a challenger on the market of job portals. So while the market leader was positioned as the place where you find a job opening, we positioned as the place that helps you not just find a job, but also get the job by nailing the interview, unlike the characters in our radio ads.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Slovakia
Year: 2011

MUW;Digital – Stars of the Internet

MUW;Digital New Year 2013

Being an online agency, MUW;Digital wanted to make a relevant new year’s wish at the end of 2012:
“Shall all the stars of the internet stand by you”
So we edited together various massively popular Slovakian viral videos to create a star-filled new year’s wish.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Slovakia
Year: 2012

Istropolitana D’Arcy – Strong Storytelling


Print ad for “the storytelling agency”, as we were known at the time

Once you have a strong story, people will fall for you.

Agency: Ogilvy Slovakia
Year: 2008